The Importance of a Website

Business Tips    |   Oct 19, 2016

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booxi offers you an automated web site. To go even further, we introduce you our partner Webself, to create your own web site, complete, fully customizable and on which you will be able to add more content.

You’ve created a business, you’ve designed a powerful logo and you have defined your target market? Now is time to build a solid customer base! Did you know that 46% of small businesses still don’t have a website?

Often, entrepreneurs think a website is an unnecessary expense, especially when they already have a Facebook page. Instead, they must view it as an investment. Here are some benefits of having a website and why it is important for small businesses to have a digital presence today.

1. Available 24/7, everywhere.

Unlike a physical store, a website is accessible 24/7. With an FAQ page, your website can even answer your customer’s questions independently. In addition to being available at all hours of the day, your customers can view your website from all over the world, and on multiple devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones (if your website is optimized for mobile use).

2. An inexpensive solution

When you are self-employed, time is money. A website will help you decrease your expenses, including printing costs, technical support and more visibility will result in an increase in sales. On a short and medium-term basis, your investment will turn into profit gains. Also, when you have an online store, you can sell your products online even if your business is closed!

3. Building an online community

Another advantage of having a website is to build a community with your customers. Not only will your website be an important source of information about your products and services, but you can also find creative ways to stay in touch with your customers. Why not create a blog? A blog offers several advantages such as boosting your marketing strategies, allowing you to write about topics that you like while improving your visibility, forming partnerships, as well as increasing your income!


Ready to get started in creating a website? Here is the solution: WebSelf! is a website builder for entrepreneurs, small businesses, artisans and associations to create a professional-looking website for free. WebSelf believes that the Internet should be accessible to everyone and here’s why they offer an an easy-to-use editor where no technical knowledge is required. Once you have created your free account, you only have to select a design, add your content, text, images, videos, etc. and publish your website on the web! In addition, you get free and unlimited support.

Whether you are a musician, entrepreneur, owner of a restaurant, WebSelf provides all the necessary tools and feature to create a beautiful website.

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