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Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016

Your feedback has greatly helped us to improve booxi in many ways this month. Among many improvements, here are the most important ones.

  • Calendar Look
  • New Appointment Status (Completed, No-Show, Client Arrived)
  • Disabling Automatic Messages
  • Appointment Preview with multiple services
  • Time Slot Copy / Paste

Calendar Look

The appointment’s look have been improved to make the colors more obvious and bring the most important information at the top. We are also introducing 2 new appointment status colors (for Completed and No-Show appointments).

New Appointment Status

We have added a few new appointment status for you to better track your appointments. You can now set and appointment as Completed or No-Show, as well as signal that a client has arrived (when you have multiple staff managing the appointments). Simply right-click on any appointment and change its status. The option Client Arrived is obviously only available for appointments of the current day, while Completed and No-Show are available for appointments in the past.

Completed appointments are grey, No-Show purple, and Client Arrived is green with a little client icon located in the bottom right corner of the appointment.

The option Reopen allows you to cancel the Completed status, the option Cancel No-Show allows you to cancel the No-Show status; while the option Cancel Client Arrived allows you to remove the client arrived indicator.

Disabling Automatic Messages

When you modify or add a new appointment, you can now change the message option to prevent booxi from sending a message to the client. Simply change the option «Approve without client confirmation» to «Do not send a message to the client» and no message will be sent. If the appointment was just added and you decide to not send any messages, the appointment will be yellow like a new request. This will help you to remind that this appointment has not yet been approved as the client has not been informed.

We have also adjusted the rules that send emails and SMS, in order to make sure we only send messages to a client when the date or duration of the appointment has changed, and not for any changes.

Appointment Preview

When your mouse is over an appointment, we display a preview popup which now has the full list of services for multiple services appointment. Category names will also soon be added.

Time Slot Copy / Paste

Not only you can move an appointment or a time slot (drag and drop), but you can now Copy and Paste time slots repeatedly. Simply right-click on a time slot (busy or available) and select Copy, then right-click in the calendar and select Paste. Repeat the Paste action to copy the same time slot multiple times, and you can now build your schedule in less time.

12 H Time Format, Cancellation Policy per Service, Compact Schedule
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
You can now book multiple services in the same appointment!
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
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