Tired to Spend Most of Your Time on the Phone to Manage Your Appointments?

Business Tips    |   Aug 11, 2016

woman spending too much time on the phone

Juggling with appointments, sales, marketing, customer service while managing a business can turn into real headache. Some solutions may actually help you to save a lot of time. Take a management solution for appointment as booxi and see the benefits it offers.


  • Gain Efficiency
  • Reduce No-Shows
  • Get More Satisfied Customers
  • Automate your Client List
  • Get More Online Visibility and More Appointments

Gain Efficiency

You’ll save time by spending less time on the phone.
You lose around 6 minutes per phone call to book an appointment, asking for personal information, confirmation of the date, time and so on. Reduce that phone time with booxi. It will manage part of your appointments by encouraging your clients to book online. At least 6 hours saving per month!

Reduce No-Shows

For each appointment, booxi sends an automated confirmation with all information at hand for the customer. Customers are less likely to call back to ask about the date or the address. In addition, the platform offers the possibility to send an automated reminder (by email or text message). No-shows will decrease from 13% to less than 2%! Automate your business !

Get More Satisfied Customers

Allow your customers to book their appointment when they have time.

20% of customers prefer booking online over talking to someone on the phone, also they can do it when they have time and as soons as they think about it (even when your business is closed). They save time, just as you do. Focus on customer experience!


Automate Your Client List

When you use an online booking solution, you collect your customers emails (with their consent). As they book online and you add new appointments, you automatically build up your client list with valuable details. You can also access each customer’s appointment history (and notes for each appointment). It’s a good way to impress them by knowing when was their last visit and the service they received. In addition, thanks to automated recall you can send emails to invite them to book a new appointment, with an impeccable timing.

Get More Online Visibility and More Appointments

With solution like booxi for example, you can also add the Book Now button to your website, your Facebook page, and in all your messages (2 sources for new appointments). Finally, add your link on specialized online directory. All roads lead to a new appointment !

The solution works for you and you can focus on what you like to do.
Amazing, this online appointment booking. What could be better ?

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