12 H Time Format, Cancellation Policy per Service, Compact Schedule

Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016

We’ve just released a booxi update with a few small improvements explained in this articles.

  • Improved Date and Time Localisation
  • Compact Daily Schedule Report
  • Cancellation Policy per Service
  • Current Timeline in Calendar
  • Precise Gray Schedule Zones in Calenda

Improved Date and Time Localisation

set up hours

We improved the support for differences in date and time formatting for various countries. The support of both, 24 hours and Military AM/PM time has been applied everywhere in the application.

Compact Daily Schedule Report

We added a new Daily Calendar View report which lists up to 24 appointments per page instead of only 8 appointments per page for the Detailed Schedule Report.print schedule

To access the Compact Schedule Report:

  1. Go to your calendar day view
  2. Click on the action menu button
  3. Select Print compact schedule.

With the Google Chrome Browser, you can always Print or save a report in PDF format.

Daily schedule

Cancellation Policy per Service

You can now customize the cancellation policies for each service. By default, all services use the business cancellation policy, but you can specify a different one.

appointment rules per service

To set a different cancellation policy for a specific service:

  1. Go to your service list
  2. Select the service of your choice
  3. Click on Appointment Rules
  4. Turn on the Cancellation Policy
  5. Customize its settings, and click Save.

Current Timeline

We added a thin light blue line that appears on top of your calendar to show you at all time where is the current time in your schedule.

Precise Gray Schedule Zones in Calendar

You can always see your work hours schedule or business open hours (depending on your schedule settings) as a grey color in your calendar background. Now if your appointment interval was set to 60 min and your day started at 8h30, the calendar was grayed starting from 9h00, not 8h30, which was confusing. We improved this feature by coloring the background with a precision of 5 mins. So you get the exact information on your work schedule.

more precise schedules

Manage the availability of resources such as rooms and equipments for your appointments
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
Time saving : Status, Colors, Copy Paste and more.
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
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