Update your service offer

Tutorials    |   July 8, 2016

In this step by step tutorial, we will demonstrate you how to update your service offer.

  • Add and modify services
  • Add categories to group and classify your services
  • Associate a picture to a service
  • Assign personnel to a service
  • Review the appointment rules of a service.

You must first be signed in your booxi account to complete the tutorial.

Step 1 – Access your services list

From the main menu located on the left side of the page, click on Services to access the list of your services. By default, a new booxi account has only one service Request an appointment, you can modify it or simply disable it and add new services. services section

Step 2 – Add a new service

A newly added service is not automatically published online, which gives you plenty of time to review its details before you set it to Available online (visible to clients). You can also group services in categories so it is easier for a client to find the service he is looking for.

  1. Click on the icon at the top of the service list to add a new service.
  2. Provide a service name that will be displayed online.
  3. Select a category or leave it to the Main Category.
  4. Click on Create and your new service is created.add a new service

You can display a service online without booking enabled, but we strongly encourage you to enable booking for all of them. See the next step Modify a service for the full list of features.

Step 3 – Add a new category

You can create new categories and associate services to them, so it is easier for a client to find the service he is looking for.

  1. Click on the icon at the top of the service list to add a new category.
  2. Provide a category name that will be displayed online
  3. Click on Create and your new category is created.

add a new category
Step 4 – Modify a service

The profile of each service gives you access to its details, assigned personnel (the ones who offer the service), appointment rules and associated picture.

  1. Select a service in the list
  2. Click on Service Details set up service details
  3. You can modify the Name which will be displayed online
  4. Change the Category or leave it to General Services (meaning no category)
  5. Set the Location to At My Business if the service will be given at your business address, or At Home if the service will be given at the client’s home or any address provided by the client.
  6. Set a Duration for the service
  7. Set a Price or leave it empty ($0) if you do not wish to display the price online – we strongly recommend to display the price as clients may only request an appointment if they can see the price.
  8. Finally provide a Description that promotes and sell the service.
  9. Once completed, click on Save at the top of the form to save your changes, or Undo to cancel your changes.save/undo

Step 5 – Associate a picture to a service

You can add a picture to each service or leave it blank. Providing pictures for your services will make your booxi website looks more attractive to clients. You can set or change the service profile picture by clicking on the small camera icon at the bottom of the current profile picture. You may also use our mobile application to take picture with your smartphone and apply them to your services.

  1. Click on the Upload a photo button to upload a picture from your computer or tablet
    • Click on the Reset to default button to remove the picture so this service does not have any picture.
    • Use the 4 blue dots to crop or select the visible portion of the picture.
    • Click the Save the photo button to save your changes
  2. Click on the X at the top to cancel your changes

Step 6 – Assign Personnel

You can select which personnel will offer the service, so that clients can only request an appointment with the right personnel.

    1. Click on Assigned Personnel
    2. Click to apply a check mark on each member of the personnel that offers the service.

assigned personnel to a service

  1. Once done, click on Save at the top of the form to save your changes, or Undo to cancel your changes.saveundo

Step 7 – Review Appointment Rules

The appointment rules allows you to tell booxi how to manage appointments and availability for this service.

    1. Click on Appointment Rules to access and modify the rules.

Enable Online Booking
This rule allows you to disable online booking and to prevent clients to book this service online. You do so if you want to include this service in your offer but, for some reason, you feel it should not be booked online. For example; if you need to talk to the client to evaluate time and price; you can uncheck the option and disable it.

Show Availability Online
When this rule is activated, clients can select and book a specific available time slots. We recommend that you show your availability because clients prefer that, and because it makes you save time. However, if you wish to keep full control over your schedule and decide whether you will be available or not depending on how your week gets busy, you may disable this option. When disabled (no checkmark), the client is asked to provide up to 5 available time slots from his schedule. This means you receive a request with time options like for example : Monday, April 6th from 9:00 to 12:00; Wednesday April 8th from 12:00 to 17:00; and Friday from 17:00 to 21:00. You can then find a matching availability in your schedule and confirm a time to your client.

Disable Personnel Selection
This rules allows you to disable the selection of a personnel. If you have multiple personnel taking appointments, your client is usually presented with a choice of personnel, unless you apply this rule. When disabling the personnel selection for a service, clients neither have the option to select a personnel, nor a specific time slot; instead, they have to provide their own availability and you receive an appointment request that must be dispatch to a specific personnel. This is useful when you need to control the workload of your staff and dispatch appointments yourself. We will look at the other rules in another tutorial.

appointment rules

  1. If you made any changes, click on Save at the top of the form to save your changes, or Undo to cancel your changes.saveundo

Step 8 – Put this service online

Now that the service profile has been completed, you can put it online, so it becomes visible and clients can book appointment with it. The service will only be visible if your business is available online.

  1. Click on Offline and select Available online.
  2. The status should turn green.status

You are done and can now move on to the Update your personnel tutorial.

Things to remember :

  • You must set the status of a service to online to publish onto your website
  • Group services in categories when you offer more than 10 services
  • You can let the client choose an available time slot in your schedule or ask the client his availability.
  • You can let the client choose a personnel or not and dispatch the appointments yourself.
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