Weebly – Add Online Appointment Booking Directly on your website

Tutorials    |   May 28, 2017

1. Sign in your weebly account.
2. At the bottom of the main menu, on the left, click on the “Add App” option.

Weebly dashboard

3.The Weebly App Center will open. Enter “bookings” in the search bar and press Enter.

Weebly App Store

4. Select Book Now – booxi by clicking on it.
Weebly booking apps

5. And then click on Add button.

online appointment booking on Weebly

6. Connect booxi with Weebly by clicking on Connect, at the top right.

Weebly fully integrated with booxi

7. This window opens.


8. Enter your credentials to sign in your booxi account. You will be redirect to your Weebly dashboard.

9. If you scroll down on the main menu, you’ll see the new option “Book Now booxi”.

Weebly Online booking

10. To finalize the configuration of your book now button, check your emails. You received an email from booxi, with an API Key. Copy this code.

Accept online booking with Weebly

11. Then come back to Weebly, on your website editor.
12. On the main menu, on the left, you can now see the “Book Now booxi” button. Select it and drag it to where you want to place the button on your website.
13. A button with the mention “No Api Key Configured” will appear.

14. When you click on it, a pop appears.

Booking button Weebly

15. To set up the button, all you have to do it to fill up all the fields:
API Key : It’s here that you can paste the code you received by email.

customize weebly button

16. Finally you can play with the advanced settings, to fully customize your button.

booking fully integrated in Weebly
And it’s done, you’ve just added online appointment booking directly on your Weebly website. Before publishing it, to offer online appointment booking, make sure to set up your booxi account, by adding your service offer and your schedules.

Once it’s done your customers can start booking online and you save time over the phone.

Astrid Bertout
Digital Marketing | Customer Success
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