Why you should use a cloud based solution to manage your appointments

Business Tips    |   Aug 11, 2016

use a cloud based solution to manage your appointments

We explain you why you should now use a cloud based-solution.

  1. Accessible from any device
  2. Accessible from anywhere
  3. It’s less expensive
  4. Increases security for your peace of mind
  5. Answers the market demand

In one hand, most of appointment management softwares based on computer are outdated and no longer meet the customers’ needs, which have evolved.
On the other hand they are very expensive, they do not allow collaborative work nor data access at anytime.

It is therefore time to adapt your business to provide your customers what they are looking for. This change is cloud based management software!

1 – Accessible from any device

Cloud solutions are often accessible from different devices such as computer, tablet and smartphone.

Imagine the following scenario: You have just arrived in your business, you have appointments scheduled all day long and not a minute to lose. And here comes the drama : Your computer doesn’t boot. And there might be numerous reasons (power cut, virus on your computer, update necessary that will put 3 hours…).

With a cloud-based solution, you can immediately access to your customer records and appointments from your tablet or smartphone since all the data are stored in the cloud.

2 – Accessible from anywhere

Some expensive solutions allow you to access your business computer remotely, but it has to be in use, while a cloud solution gives you access to your data at any time, wherever you are and with a complete safety.

You can even give a limited access to employees. They will be able to access their calendar directly from their smartphone. Then they will stop to call you to ask about their schedules and their appointments. It is the same for you : enjoy more freedom with your handy calendar, wherever you are.

3 – It’s less expensive

While you will have to spend a start-up cost to install software and then pay a monthly fee, cloud solutions usually don’t require start-up fees nor installation. Just pay your monthly or yearly fee to enjoy this tool. Most of the solutions offer very advantageous prices, according to your needs and your budget.

manage appointments from home on your tablet

4 – Increased security for your peace of mind

If unfortunately you have been robbed, a fire breaks out or simply the hard drive of your computer breaks, you could lose all your data. Are your backup copies always tested and updated …?

Cloud-based solutions usually have automatic and instant backups. It is therefore impossible to lose your data. Also, if your computer is robbed, or if you lose your smartphone, no data are stored on any device, they remain in the cloud.

Here are several examples of cloud solution:

  • Online Appointment Booking ΓÇö booxi
  • POS ΓÇö Lightspeed
  • Accounting Software ΓÇö Quickbooks
  • Email Access ΓÇö GMail

5 – Answers the market demand

Cloud-based solution generally provides features more adapted to the client today, which are at the same time features that greatly benefit to you. For example with booxi enjoy :

  • Online booking appointment ΓÇö Customers love that and you save a lot of time off the phone.
  • Confirmations by email ΓÇö Customers have all the information they need.
  • Reminders by email and SMS ΓÇö Less no-shows, and more happy clients.

To conclude, cloud-based solution allows you to save time and money while your customers enjoy it and all your data are secured.

Secure your data on the cloud and
bring your business to the next level.

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