You can now book multiple services in the same appointment!

Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016

This is a short article to tell you about the multiple services appointment feature, and how to use it.

  • Add multiple services
  • Add spacing
  • Calendar view with multiple services appointments
  • Appointment confirmation email with multiple services

Adding Multiple Services and Spacings

You can now add multiple services in a single appointment, as long as all services are provided in sequence (one after the other). You may add spacing in between services, but you should expect the client to remain onsite for the duration of the appointment.

If you need to book an appointment with different personnel, then you need to create different appointments in each personnel’s calendar.

The appointment form remains very similar, but you now have the ability to add, edit and remove services and spacing as well as order them, as follow:

  • Add a new service or spacing
  • Remove the selected service or spacing
  • Change the order of the selected service or spacing
  • Select or edit a service or spacing

To add a service, click on and select Add Service, then complete the requested information. If the service already has a spacing by Add multiple service and spacing to an appointmentdefault, that spacing will be automatically added after the service. Add more or complete the appointment.
To add a spacing, click on and select Add Spacing After, then complete the requested information. Add more services or complete the appointment.

Appointment with 2 services and 1 spacing





Here is an example with a first service of 60 min followed by a 15 min spacing and a second service of 60 min for an appointment duration of total 135 min.


Calendar View of Multiple Services Appointments

Calendar event with appointment for multiple services

An appointment with multiple services will show the first service name followed by (+) to identify that the appointment has more services. Also the total spacing is always displayed next to the duration as (+ 15 min). Click on the appointment, and you can see and modify the full list of services.

Multiple Services Appointment Confirmation Email

The confirmation and reminder messages sent for multiple services have slightly changed in order to provide more details to your clients. The appointment itself always has a total duration that excludes the last spacing, but we added the list of requested services with for each the individual time and duration.


In order to keep the SMS message short, it only contains the first service name with a (+) at the end.

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