You Can Now Customize Pricing and Duration per Staff

Product Features    |   Nov 18, 2016

customize pricing and duration of a service

When you have staff with different levels of experience and your pricing must reflect that, your service offer may quickly become complex and tedious to go through. This is why we added a very cool feature where you can adjust the pricing and duration of a service for a specific staff.

For example, if you have a staff with only a few years of experience offering a Service A for $40 in 40 min; while another staff with over 10-20 years of experience offer the same Service A, but for $75 in 30 min (it’s supply and demand principle), you can now pre-configure that.

Your customer will clearly see the difference when they book online, and you will automatically get the price and duration adjustment when you book on the phone. Finally your service offer will indicate that services with various prices are offered starting at a lower price and duration.

It’s very easy to set that up. You save time and get a simplified service list.

services customization

Setup Your Pricing per Staff

In order to setup your price and/or duration variations per personnel, you simply customize each association of service to a personnel, following these simple steps:

  1. Go in your Personnel List (from the left main menu).
  2. Select a Personnel.
  3. Click on the Assigned Serviced section to access the list of services offered by this personnel.
  4. For each service that is selected with a checkmark, you get the Custom modifier icon.customize per staff
  5. Click on the edit icon and edit the new duration and price for this personnel.
  6. When customized, the value that differs from the service default price or duration is displayed in bold.
  7. Remember to click on Save at the top of the list to keep your changes.

Add an Appointment with Automatic Price Adjustment

When you add a new appointment with a personnel that has a custom price or duration for the selected service, booxi automatically adjusts that price and duration for you.customization automatically report when booking

  1. Click on New Appointment from the top right menu.
  2. Select a service.
  3. Select a personnel.
  4. The price and duration will automatically adjust, and the default service price and duration will be displayed in brackets.
  5. If you manually customize the duration or the price for this appointment, they won’t auto adjust anymore for this appointment, keeping your customized values.

It is as simple as that, and saves you lots of time.

Your customers will immediately know what is the price for each personnel when they book online.

When they book online, your customers will see the price adjustments per personnel. So when they choose a personnel they know what to expect, in terms of price and duration. For the services that have price or duration variations, these will be displayed with a + sign following the price and/or the duration.

You Can Take Advantage of This Feature Now!

This new features is included with your current subscription and ready to use now, try it and save time.

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