Build better relationships with your clients

booxi sends email and SMS appointment confirmations and reminders to your clients, and keeps client records for you.

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Automate communications with your clients
Improve the quality of your service by sending confirmations, and prevent no show with email and SMS reminders.
Appointment Status
booxi updates your clients with clear and personalized communications.
Appointment Details
Messages provide relevant information, on service, personnel, time and place.
Business Contact
Display your business address and phone number, so clients can easily reach you.
Appointment Page
Clients can review, modify, and cancel (optional) their appointments online.
Color status of each appointment.
Unlimited Email / SMS confirmation & reminders.
booxi always keeps your clients up to date.
Communications are automated to save you time.
Let booxi manage your client records
booxi creates client records for you and keep track of their appointment history. You also have an easy access to them when you create a new appointment.
Contact information, gender, and date of birth.
Detailed history of your client appointments.
Appointment notes, photos, and documents.
Your booxi membership includes:
Web & Mobile applications
Self-booking for clients
Get online effortlessly
Web & Mobile applications
Self-booking for clients
Get online effortlessly
$9.00 /month *
*Basic subscription plan
Free/14 days
No credit card required
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