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Book Now for Lightspeed eCom

Enhance your website with online appointment booking
Book Now Widget
The book now widget requires that you have a valid booxi account. If you do not have a booxi account yet, you can quickly sign-up for a free trial.
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Getting Started
You can now add online appointment booking to your own website by simply integrating the Book Now widget. Your clients will then be able to book online appoinments the same way they do from your booxi business page, but within your own website; keeping your customers on your website.
Your booxi API Key
The API Key is unique to your business and connects the Book Now widget to your booxi account. To find your API key simply sign in your account; go to My Business; access your business details; and scroll down until you see the API Key field.
Widget Generator
Select a default language
Select a booking window type
Customize the text label on your Book Now button.
Set a z-index for the booking popup window
[Advanced Option] CSS Selector for menu parent element.
[Advanced Option] Class name for menu li element(list item)
[Advanced Option] Class name for menu a element (anchor)
Widget Instructions
Please enter your API key into the Code Generator form. You may optionally set a custom text for both English and French buttons. You can choose to present the Book Now widget as an external popup or as a floating window over your website (default). You can also set a custom z-index if the window appears under elements of your website. Once you are ready, simply click on the Generate button. You will get a custom HTML code with specific integration instructions.
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