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How does it work?
booxi is simple and feels natural, with no sign-up required. Once you found a professional or business in our directory, you click on the green Book button and follow the steps. Pick a service (what), a professional (with whom) and a time (when). Once you’ve selected what, with whom and when, provide contact details such as a name and an email address so we can send you a confirmation and notifications. If the service requires immediate payment you will be asked for payment information, else you are done. booxi will tell you if your request was immediately accepted or if you will receive a confirmation by email when it is. If you provide a mobile number, booxi will send you and SMS reminder, and if there is any changes on your appointment, you will be notified by email. The email contains a web link that allows you to modify or cancel your appointment.
How much does it cost?
booxi is free for any client requesting an appointment online. If a payment is require, it is for the service you booked with the professional. booxi does not charge the client for its services, so if you do not have to pay for the service in advance, no payment will be asked.
What is booxi?
booxi is an online directory of businesses and professionals offering services from which you can book an appointment online at any time. It tells you when the service and professional you want is available, it sends you a confirmation by email with all details handy, and it sends you an SMS reminder before the appointment, so you don’t miss anything.
Who is it for?
We created booxi for us, clients trying to book appointments when we have time to do it. So if you remember just before going to bed, you can now still do it without leaving a voicemail and being called back at the time you can’t answer. If you plan your week early in the morning, no problem, booxi will take the appointment even though the business has not yet opened. It is for all of us who are busy during business hours and wants the freedom to book when we want and be reminded before the appointment, so we can free our minds.
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