Reserve Online & Pick up in-store

Click and Collect by appointment

Have your customers schedule a time to try on the items in their basket.

How does a Click‑and‑Collect platform work?

A Click-and-Collect application allows consumers to place orders online and then pick up their purchases or packages in a physical store at a chosen time.

On the retailer’s side, a Click-and-Collect platform allows them to save time while offering a smooth and efficient buying experience process to their clients. The platform offers the possibility to centralize in one place the management of many tasks, including:

  • Order
  • Payment
  • Reception of customer's messages
  • Making appointments to pick up an order
  • Management of customer reviews and client records...

How to use Click & Collect


Order new furniture and have staff help you load it into your vehicle.


Shop online & pickup in-store. Product packed and ready to go when you show up.


Shop online (clothes, footwear, eyewear...) and pick up your order when it’s ready.


Order any sport equipment in advance and pick up your order when it suits you.

How to set up a Click and Collect application with an appointment scheduling solution?

Booxi's online appointment scheduling module can be easily added to any website. Our Click-and-Collect solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a local business or an enterprise.

Concretely, all you have to do is install a simple plug-in on your website - it only takes a few minutes. Our Click-and-Collect appointment scheduling solution is then operational in a few hours if you are a small business and 3 weeks for a very large company.

Our team of experts is at your service to help you customize your Click-and-Collect software to your needs, even the most complex ones!

Regardless of the specificity and complexity of your industry, our experts ensure a customized solution for a unique in-store customer experience.

Customer service

High-value interactions

Brands need to capitalize on each human interaction customers have with them.  
With Booxi, you can schedule specific staff to offer the best service possible.

Boost your sales

In-store visits

Automated appointments help manage in-store traffic. Click & Collect will bring your customers to your store and allow them to make additional purchases.

Calendar management


Our intelligent system automatically synchronizes the appointment schedules for in-store pickups, as well as your staff's schedules. No more unintentional mistakes!

Let’s get started

Fast to deploy

Start taking appointments in just three weeks for Enterprise and less than 24 hours for smaller businesses. Our tools are easy to use and almost one line of code is necessary to install the widget on your site.


Powerful integrations

Booxi integrates with the tools you already use. From Salesforce, Adobe, Sendgrid and more, connecting Booxi is easy.  Plus, with our API, anything is possible.

User experience

Customer Journey

Booxi is fully integrated into the customer journey and accompanies consumers throughout the entire process. Booxi will send a confirmation email and a personalized link to the store chosen by the customer where they can select their appointment.

Let's get started

Start scheduling 1 on 1 appointments