Expert consultations

Appointment with an expert

Answer your customers questions either in-person or online.

Advise your clients and help them with their purchase

Answer your customers' questions, advise them on your products, and help them make their purchases through online or in-person consultation.

Particularly effective for high-value, luxury or complex products, scheduled consultations provide your customers with a personalized experience, while increasing the basket size by 2-7x!

How to use consultations


Book an appointment with an interior designer who can help you choose the right furniture for your space.


Book an appointment with a beauty expert who can answer all your questions when shopping for a specific product.


Book an appointment with a stylist to give you more information about the fit and feel of any item in the collection.


Get advice on which equipment is right for you.

Drive your customers to purchase

90% of appointments lead to a purchase

Consultation appointments increase the average shopping cart as well as the conversion rate! Customers who have benefited from the advice of your experts will be more likely to make a purchase!

Everything ready

Prepare your staff

By scheduling your calls, your staff can prepare for each meeting and offer a truly personalized service.  
Furthermore, with Booxi, you can set up a series of questions for your customers to answer while they book their appointment. This will help your staff learn about the clients' needs and preferences without wasting time when the consultation begins.

Boost your sales

Customized experience

After the call, you can send a recommendation email with a link to a personalized shopping cart containing the items discussed during the live shopping. All your customer has to do is check out.
You can also send them a unique promotional code with an expiration date to encourage them to buy!


A powerful tool

With Booxi’s built-in video-conference tool, you can schedule 1:1 meetings with your customers or organize group calls for unique online experiences.

Conversion rate

Turn visitors into customers

Increase your conversion rate with the help of your greatest asset: your staff. Enable your customers to schedule a consultation to get their questions answered and give them the confidence to purchase.

Ready to use

Remote consultation

No download nor app to install! Your customers will get a confirmation email with a unique video conference link which they can use on any device.


Calendar management

As with every solution offered with Booxi, our system will allow you to manage all your staff's calendars according to appointments and calls. Your customers can schedule their consultations outside of your opening hours, Booxi will take care of the synchronization.

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