Offer a personalization service

Scheduled appointments to personalize a product.

Offer in-store personalization to bring your clients back

Provide a unique after-sales service by offering your clients product personalization by appointment.

By making an appointment directly in-store after the purchase, or online via Booxi, the personalization service will bring your customers to visit your store again.

For any industry

A perfume, a bag, a bike, etc. You can offer personalization for any kind of product.
Highly appreciated by customers, this solution will increase loyalty and bring qualified traffic to your store.

Prepare your staff

Ask the right questions

Ask all sorts of questions at the booking stage so you can prepare for the appointment. You can also ask for the reference number of the purchase or product in advance.


Calendar management

Our smart booking system automatically synchronizes the appointment schedules for in-store personalizations, as well as your staff’s calendars.

Let's get started

Drive-To-Purchase with Booxi

of customers who book an
appointment make a purchase.