Remote Selling

Assist your clients via videoconference

Schedule video-calls to help your customers when shopping online.

Boost your revenues with remote selling

Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience with Booxi’s remote selling. Allow your customers to make an appointment to schedule video calls and help them choose among all your products. Give them professional advice on colors, materials, prices, availability, and offer them a white-glove experience.

Fashion, retail, furniture, etc. Remote selling is the ideal solution to improve the conversion rate and increase the shopping basket!

Scheduled for a personalized service

By scheduling your calls, your staff can prepare for each meeting and offer a truly personalized service.


Book an appointment with a furniture shop assistant who can help you choose the right furniture for your space.


Book an appointment with a beauty expert who can help you choose which product is best for you.


Not sure which size or color to choose? Let a shop assistant help and guide you.


Get advice on which equipment is right for you.

Boost your sales by 10

À la fin de l'appel, vous pouvez envoyer un courriel de recommandation avec un lien vers un panier personnalisé contenant les articles présenté lors du live shopping. Votre client n’aura plus qu’à finaliser son achat.

Envoyez-lui également un code promotionnel unique avec un délai d'expiration pour l'encourager à acheter !

Nous avons constaté une augmentation du panier par un facteur de 10 quand les marques proposent la vente à distance.


A powerful tool for e‑commerce

With Booxi’s built-in video-conference tool, you can schedule 1:1 meetings with your customers or organize group calls for unique online experiences.


Turn visitors into customers

Increase your conversion rate with the help of your greatest asset: your staff. Let your customers schedule a video call to get their questions answered and give them the confidence to purchase.

Ready to use

No-brainer video tool

No download nor app to install! Your customers will get a confirmation email with a unique video conference link which they can use on any device.


Calendar and availability management

As with every solution offered with Booxi, our system will allow you to manage all your staff's calendars according to appointments and calls. Your customers can schedule their calls outside of your hours, Booxi will take care of the synchronization.

Let's get started

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appointment make a purchase.