Manage your rentals easily

Make it easy to schedule rentals online.

Rent your items with ease

Have stuff to rent? Here is the most intuitive way to start renting your items by appointment. Offering a rental service can be quite complicated, but Booxi is here to make your job easier.

Enter your resources and booking rules and let Booxi work its magic.  Optimize your time by setting up precise pick-up and drop-off times. You'll be able to decide everything, and even offer your customers long-term rentals.

Bikes, sports equipment, clothes, or other physical goods... Increase your revenues by offering rental by appointment!

Manage all your resources from one place

A powerful back office with everything you need to simplify the management of your rental assets. Our intelligent system automatically synchronizes the availability of your inventory.

Collect payments

Rent & pay

At the moment the reservation is made, Booxi can collect the payment for you, either in part or in full.

Multi-item booking

Combo #4, please!

Group different items together to offer them as a unique package.

Availability view

Going out and coming in

Get a comprehensive overview of what customers are coming to pick up and what is coming back to be returned. With Booxi, you can also have an overview of your rental history to know who has rented what.


Lightspeed + Booxi

One of the most popular POS for rentals, Lightspeed, integrates natively with Booxi for seamless rental management. In addition, if your resources are already integrated into Lightspeed, you can import them directly into Booxi.

Prepare your staff

Ask the right questions

Ask all sorts of questions at the booking stage so that you can prepare for the appointment and give your clients the necessary instructions.

Let's get started

Start scheduling 1 on 1 appointments