Provide a personalized repair service

Schedule repair services to offer the best service.

A personalized service for every step of the customer journey

For a personalized after-sales experience, offer your customers the possibility to make an appointment for any reparation services.

By offering repair services by appointment, your customers won't have to wait for hours in-store. Take advantage of their visit to give them a personalized welcome, which will increase their loyalty and their chance of buying.

Provide a diagnosis

Before the reparation itself, you can offer your customers a diagnosis of their malfunctioning product. Give them a full report of the adjustments to be made before repairing their item.

A proper and personalized reparation service will allow you to attract up to 25% of new customers.


For any industry

Bike reparation or tune-up, glasses adjustment, etc. Schedule repair appointments with Booxi to optimize your operations.

Prepare your staff

Ask the right questions

Ask all sorts of questions at the booking stage so you can prepare for the appointment.


Calendar management

Our smart booking system automatically synchronizes the appointment schedules for in-store reparations, as well as your staff’s calendars.

Let's get started

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