Manage in‑store returns

Set specific times for returns and optimize your operations.

Optimize your operations by offering
personalized services for returns

Offer your customers the possibility to make an appointment to return their purchase in-store. This solution allows your customers to avoid waiting for hours and provide them with a personalized after-sale experience while helping you control your store traffic.

Establish your booking rules and offer this service only when it suits you best, like during your off-peak hours. Booxi's returns management also helps optimize your operations and your employees' schedules.
70% of consumers say they have already made a choice to support a company that delivers great customer service: increase your customer's satisfaction by spending time to help them and offer them solutions to convert the returns into exchanges.

Convert returns into exchanges

Dedicate time to offer a personalized return experience for your customer and discuss any issues had with the product. This way, you'll be able to find a solution (often resulting in an exchange or even up-sell instead of a return).


Customer journey

Booxi is fully integrated into the customer journey and accompanies consumers throughout the entire process. Add a link with instructions on your website or a QR code on your sales receipts that redirects to the appointment booking platform, Booxi will take care of the rest.

Aftersale service

The future of commerce is now

With our built-in video tool, customers can connect with your staff from home and take advantage of your remote aftersale services.


Calendar management

Our smart booking system automatically synchronizes the appointment schedules for in-store returns, as well as your staff’s calendars.

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