Workshops & Events

Managing group bookings has never been easier

Event management and ticketing.

Entertain your community

In-person or online, organizing group events has never been easier! From online registration to event management, Booxi gives you the ability to control everything.

VIP events to reward your best customers, new product previews, masterclasses... Create an experience and develop a long-lasting relationship with your customers through group events.

How to use workshops & events


Workshops for kids to learn some basic skills while developing a relationship with the brand.


Training sessions offered by the brand or trainers in their community.


Events for the launch of a new product line or workshops with a beauty consultant to learn how to use the products.


Fashion show to introduce your new collection to your VIP customers or offer them a private tour of one of your factories.

Let’s help you sell out!

With Booxi, you can easily organize events and workshops, either in-person or online. You set the capacity, the date, and the time, and Booxi takes care of managing your guestlist.

In addition to increasing brand loyalty and building trust, participating in a workshop or event will encourage your customers to make a purchase and increase their basket size. Furthermore, 74% of consumers say that attending brand events influences them to buy the products being promoted.


Online registration

Does your event have a fee? Booxi can collect the payment for you when they book, either in part or in full.



Make your customers' life easy with automated reminders sent via email or SMS.
No matter where the event takes place, in your store or online via videoconference, Booxi takes care of notifying your customers and sending them a link if necessary.

Mobile app


No more waiting! With our mobile check-in app, you can scan their QR code to register your participants.


Win new customers

Creating events will bring new customers to your business. Collect their information at registration or at the end of the event and register them in your CRM database.


Thank your attendees

Gift basket, exclusive promo code, sample of the new product presented, etc. Let your customers know that you’re grateful for their participation by offering them a gift at the end of the event.


Calendar management

Our system allows you to manage your staff’s calendars according to the events in which they participate.

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