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Le Printemps is a French department store group founded in 1865, offering mainly fashion, luxury and beauty products, with the mission of "enhancing beauty by promoting a more responsible way of consuming".

Le Printemps knows that experiential commerce and services are strong differentiators. Constantly reinventing itself and adapting to trends and societal changes, Le Printemps has chosen to implement an appointment scheduling system to digitalize the customer journey, as well as to maximize and animate their in-store traffic through a series of events. To achieve this, the company opted for Booxi's solution. The criteria behind this choice include its easy-to-use back-office and its high integration potential, enabling extensive personalization of the online booking flow.

Launched in July 2021, 15 stores have now been deployed with Booxi across France.


Personal shopper

This complimentary service, designed to attract new customers to the brand,  offers customers an exclusive and customized experience. Upon completing a quiz and initiating initial communication to comprehend their preferences, the personal shopper will curate a selection of ideal pieces for the customer to either try on in-store or have conveniently delivered to their home. This experience has enabled the brand to acquire 4,000 new customers a year, which would not have been possible without it.


Printemps collaborates with the brands available in their stores to organize more than 2,500 events throughout the year, in order to animate their physical traffic. Whether workshops, conferences, treatments or even contests, events can be booked via a dedicated landing page created in collaboration with VISEO on the Printemps website. These group events enable the brand to get closer to its community and extend the Printemps experience.


  • Drive-to-store
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Boost sales
  • Recruit new customers
  • Centralize appointment scheduling


  • 4,000 new customers per year
  • 2,500+ events per year (average of 7 events per day)
  • Bigger basket size
  • Repeat purchases
  • Increased conversion rates

We chose Booxi for its capacity to evolve and its richness, it is a real acquisition, communication and visibility tool. Everything is centralized thanks to Booxi, giving us a global vision.

Maud Funaro
Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps Group

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