Back Office

The ultimate tool to manage appointments

A robust solution for managing appointments and availability, for one location or thousands.

Booxi Back Office

Where the magic happens.


Your appointments at a glance

Here, staff can view and manage their daily or weekly schedule, and managers can have an overview of what is happening with all their staff and ressources.


Client list & history

Keep track of all your customers' appointment history, add detailed notes, and follow up with personalized messaging.


Manage your staff

Set individual availability for your personnel and associate them to specific services that they offer.


What customers can book

Here you list all the services customers can book, along with their price, specific availability, special booking rules, and more.


Resource management

Since some appointments require material resources to be performed, such as a room or  special equipment, Booxi can associate them to your service to cross reference their availability.

My business

You make the rules

From opening hours to your cancellation policy, here is where you configure Booxi to work for you.

We go the extra mile

Booxi is the most complete appointment scheduling software in the industry.

We are here to help

From start to finish, our experts will be by your side.

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