How to maintain a good customer relationship ?

The success of a company depends on its relationship with its customers. Indeed, a customer who is not satisfied leaves for a competitor and never comes back. Find out in this article how to build a good relationship and make sure your customers are always satisfied.

Yes, customer relationships are like any other type of relationship: over the months and years, you have to invest time to build and maintain them. 79% of customers want brands to demonstrate that they understand and care about them before buying anything. When companies understand the importance of building relationships with customers, they develop an emotional connection with them, making them loyal for a long time!

Improve Communication with Your Customers

The first tip to maintain your relationship with your customers is to know them perfectly! In order to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations, you must first understand their mindset.

Successful brands know what their customers want and how to make their products or services available effectively. In addition to knowing the name, age and income of your customers, it's also crucial to understand them more in-depth. Knowing their hobbies, tastes and interests, as well as what they watch, listen to and read, can be a valuable advantage for a brand!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your customers:

- What is their reason for buying your product or service?

- How often will they need to buy this product or use this service?

- Who are they buying for? Your message and promotion will depend on whether the consumer is buying for themselves or someone else.

Think about the phone and in the store interactions

To maintain your customer relationship, you need to focus on the experience. A brand that provides a high-quality experience for its customers generates 5.7 times more revenue than a brand that cares less about this essential aspect.

This is where customer appointment scheduling is a key point! It is an opportunity to ensure that you welcome your guests in the best possible way.

Meeting new prospects during a first appointment can indeed be stressful. However, it is an essential step in building a close, long-lasting relationship with your customers and developing your business. This is why it is important to have efficient, seamless and intuitive appointment scheduling software to help reduce this apprehension to a minimum!

Don't overlook your after-sales service

After-sales services are a crucial step that should not be underestimated to maintain your customer experience. Not only will it strengthen your relationships with clients, because it will show your interest in them, but it will also allow you to build loyalty! To do so, don't hesitate to ask your customers for feedback, thank them, take the time to discuss with them and answer their questions.

Always Address Negative Feedback and Complaints

Every business has at some point experienced unhappy customers. Nevertheless, no matter what the reasons, it is essential to ensure your customers are satisfied to avoid negative repercussions for your organization such as :

- The image of a brand that is indifferent to the feelings of its customers;

- A tainted reputation on the Internet;

- Decreased trust in your services and products

Make sure you always respond to the comments of your unsatisfied customers and take the time to offer them solutions!

Humanize and personalize the relationship with your customers

All businesses should aim to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Building a long-term, trusting relationship with your customers requires a personal connection. And for good reason, brands that have exceeded their revenue goals have a personalization strategy.

You also have to focus on treating your customers as individuals. It's very important to humanize your relationships, even if your industry means your customers are numerous! You can do this by interacting frequently on social media and sending personalized offers via email so that they feel like people and not numbers.

What are the consequences of careless customer relations?

Poor customer service is damaging to any brand. In today's increasingly competitive environment, customers who do not feel valued are more likely to go elsewhere. It is therefore essential to understand the effects of poor customer service in order to offer a qualitative service:

- Loss of customers: poor customer service will result in a decrease in the number of customers;

- Decreased revenues: this is simply the first consequence of a loss of customers;

- Increased costs: by losing customers, the majority of brands will then start investing much more budget to make up for the losses (advertising, new marketing strategies, etc.). The costs then increase!

- Decreased staff confidence: if your organization has a bad reputation and your customers are unhappy and complaining, your employees will be the first to be affected and this decrease in motivation will inevitably have negative financial consequences.


As you can see, with a good relationship in place, customers become loyal, their lifetime value increases, and they are more likely to recommend you to potential new prospects. It's simple: the happier they are, the more they will stick to you!

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