The Association of Professionals in Electrolysis and Aesthetic Care of Quebec (APESEQ) is a not-profit organization that, with 40 years of existence, has gained true credibility with the general public.


  • Brings together electrolysists, estheticians and permanent makeup technicians from Quebec
  • Supports the interests of its members and the general public

For professionals in the field, APESEQ

  • Supports its members in the recognition of their work
  • Promotes the services of its members
  • Inform its members of any developments regarding their practice
  • Provides technical support at all times to its members

For the general public, APESEQ

  • Refers to qualified electrolysis, estheticians and permanent make-up technicians
  • Ensures that quality care are provided in the best possible conditions
  • Ensures that the hygiene and asepsis measures are rigorously observed by the members of the Association
  • Ensures the competence of its members through admission examinations to the Association and the obligation to keep their knowledge up to date
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