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Unlock the power of Booxi and elevate your appointment scheduling with a touch of innovation, bringing unparalleled efficiency and a personalized experience that truly sets your business apart.

Why choose
Booxi VS ClicRDV ?

Key Features
One-to-One appointments
Group Reservations
Omnichannel Booking
Customizable Booking Widget
Real Time Availlability
Smart Appointment Assignement
Rules-based bookings
Automated Notifications
Communication Customization
CRM Integration
Payment Connectors
Live Shopping
Back Office
Head Office
API & Webhooks
Web, Tablet & Mobile Apps
Google Analytics
Automated Reports
Secure Authentification
Data Compliance
ADA Compliance
Secure Data Handling
One-to-One appointments
Omnichannel Booking
Back Office
API & Webhooks

Why businesses work
with Booxi ?



Adapt and grow with Booxi’s platform, designed for seamless integration and rapid scalability to meet your expanding needs.


Retail Focus

Transform customer experiences and streamline retail operations with Booxi’s specialized solutions tailored for the retail industry.



Customize your booking widget for a smooth integration, providing bespoke options and services that align perfectly with your brand.


Data & Analytics

Harness the power of data with Booxi. Track and analyze customer behavior and booking trends using Google Analytics and detailed personalized reports for actionable insights.



Expand your capabilities by integrating third-party services effortlessly. Accelerate deployment, reduce costs, and enhance your offerings without complexity.



Protect your business with Booxi's robust security features. Enjoy secure authentication, data encryption, and full compliance with GDPR and CCPA standards for peace of mind.

What our clients say

"Booxi allows us to offer an omnichannel service providing a personalized journey to our customers who are increasingly searching online before visiting the store. It is a service very much requested by our clients."

Christel Cassimatis
Global Omnichannel Manager, Christian Louboutin

"We chose Booxi for its capacity to evolve and its richness, it is a real acquisition, communication and visibility tool. Everything is centralized thanks to Booxi, giving us a global vision."

Maud Funaro
Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps Group

"We will never go back to the way we worked in the past. Using Booxi has been such an efficiency booster and has freed up our teams to focus on our core business."

Lionel Uzan
President, Clarins North America
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Booxi & ClicRDV ?

Booxi distinguishes itself from ClicRDV by offering an intuitive, user-friendly personalized platform designed to meet the unique needs of a wide array of retail environments.

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How much does a migration cost?

Booxi, offers an annual subscription per location or store, plus a project migration cost. While an additional fee is necessary for migration, we always strive to minimize these costs for our clients.

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How long to migrate from Booxi to clicRDV ?

Booxi is designed for an easy implementation, ensuring a smooth and quick transition by managing the entire setup process, including a full data migration of all historical details like staff, clients, and appointments. We provide thorough support throughout the migration process,  from a direct switch to a staggered rollout depending on location.

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