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Founded in 1938, Mondou is a Canadian leader in the distribution of products, services and accessories for the health and well-being of pets of all kinds.

Since 2017, Mondou has been using Booxi's appointment scheduling software across 78 stores in a clever and effective manner to attract and maintain customers. The retailer offers its customers different types of in-store services, which are hugely successful as they bring a real added value for them. These services generate qualified traffic in the stores and lead to increased daily sales. These services have been implemented for some time and have been restructured by appointment due to their success, allowing the brand to better manage its operations.


Mondou offers its customers a whole range of free and paid services to take care of their pets. Some services are available to all, while others are reserved only for customers through their loyalty program "Cuddle Club".


This paid service is offered to dog and cat owners who wish to make an appointment to have their pet's nails cut by a professional. Customers who spontaneously come into the store to shop with their pets can also ask if the nail-trimming service is available, even without a prior appointment. If a specialist and a station are free, the customer can benefit from this service.

Doggie Wash

Customers can make an appointment to come and wash their pet in one of the free in-store facilities for a period of one or two hours. In addition to the use of the Doggie Wash facilities, customers have access to a wide range of grooming products, towels and brushes to keep their pet looking great. These professional quality products are available in-store for clients to purchase and use directly on the spot.


  • Generate qualified in-store traffic
  • Bring more value to the shopping experience
  • Optimize store operations
  • Build customer trust
  • Differentiate itself from the competition
  • Obtain new customers


  • 195 000+ appointments (2022)
  • 66% appointments booked online
  • 5% no-shows
  • Drive-to-store
  • Bigger basket size and upselling
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Customer loyalty

Booxi has been a game changer for us at Mondou, allowing our customers to easily and quickly book appointments for our in-store services. Thanks to Booxi, we were able to offer a seamless booking experience, which helped strengthen our relationship with our customers by providing them with a personalized, high-quality experience.

Alexandra Forcier
Customer Relations Director, Mondou

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