Adding Appointment Management to Your Ecosystem

Several iPads are turned on and connected to the Booxi app.

When you’re thinking about adding a new solution to your retail ecosystem, whether it’s for marketing, HR, sales, CS or for retail operations, it’s essential to integrate it where it will have the biggest impact.

What is the end goal? Whether it’s to increase conversion rate, increase the average basket size, attract new customers or create a better customer experience, adding a new software should help you easily and quickly attain your goal.

Connect the Software To Your Ecosystem in Minutes

In order to minimize IT work and keep the process simple and seamless, look for connectors with other solutions as part of your ecosystem. booxi offers 14 connectors which allow you to connect online bookings with your website, CRM, POS, mailing system, and online payment solutions. Connectors allow you to integrate solutions together in a matter of minutes, without the need for months of IT effort.

Using Multiple Solutions Has A Purpose

Using one solution that does it all often leads to frustration, as it simply touches the surface on many aspects without the proper expertise in that area. These types of solutions normally don’t have many features since they don’t have the expertise as opposed to a specialised solution would.

booxi, having specialized in appointment booking, has put in years of work in order to provide the best solution with countless options and the expertise that goes with it.

Using the best solutions for each element of your ecosystem and connecting them together is a recipe for success.

Everything Working Together

It’s important that every solution you’re using, (CRM, POS, appointment software) are the best tools that can accomplish the task at hand. This can be done using a central client record (CRM synchronisation) and simple processes (automated or simplified use cases). Remember that the most important integration is the CRM. If the visual and branding are crucial, important aspects, then make sure you can easily apply simple customization, or take over the customer facing visuals.

How booxi Can Help with the Integration Process

Here are a few examples of what booxi can do to make the integration process easy for you, so you can look at these options in other solutions as well.

  • booxi offers a series of connectors that you can simply switch on. For example, to capture online payment, sync your customer list with a CRM, create an invoice in your POS from a simple click on a booking, then sync with an external calendar.

a.These connectors allow you to take control over sending emails, as well as send SMS and notifications using solutions like Salesforce, Commerce Cloud and Sendgrid. You just need to create email templates without the need for any software development.

  • Ready to use widget for online booking that provides branding options and the flexibility to cover all possible booking needs. It’s a simple copy paste of a few lines of javascript code (integration takes just a few minutes).
  • Get a report that you can export in CSV format and automated export with ftp transfer, so you can retrieve data to integrate with your BI.
  • Open APIs that provide a wide range of functionalities to integrate with any custom solution you may have.

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