Avoiding In-Store Lineups with Booxi

View of a shopping mall filled with Christmas decorations and people doing their shopping.

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, an important issue to keep in mind is controlling the number of people in-store, without jeopardizing the customer experience.

Many people still enjoy walking into a physical store, having the option to touch and feel items, and seeing them up close. Additionally, some prefer to get assistance from someone in person and prefer that personalized, in-store experience.

Shopping Appointments Are the New Normal

Control your in-store traffic and avoid lineups by asking customers to book their visit in advance. Crowded stores were never appealing, and even more so due to the current situation.

How to get started?

Start by providing your clients with a personal shopping service by appointment. This solution will increase the average basket size by 2 to 7x and will attract more customers to your store. You can also offer curbside pickup using the same solution. This way, your customers can collect their order as soon as it’s ready without having to wait for days because of holiday shipping delays.

Avoid the Dreaded Queue Outside the Store

As the weather starts to quickly cool down, the idea of waiting in line, or worse, waiting in line in the cold, is not something very appealing to your customers. Having the possibility to reserve a timeslot, especially for families, is truly an asset and gives added value to the company.

Benefits of appointment booking (in-store or online) include:

  • A shopping experience that’s safe, quick, and efficient
  • Employees can work more efficiently if they are expecting shoppers to arrive at a certain time
  • Reduce the lineups outside your store and control the flow in
  • Happier customers who don’t need to wait for hours, especially in the cold

Options That Work For You

Whether you’re using Booxi for visit booking or curbside pickups, numerous ways can help drastically reduce the lineups at your store, and ensure an amazing shopping experience.

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