Booxi for Pet Stores

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Scheduled appointments can be used in a number of ways depending on the type of business. Today, let’s focus on Pet Stores.
If you operate a Pet Store, you can use Booxi to take appointments and increase your in-store traffic, attract new customers, and boost conversion rates.

Let’s dive in with a few examples.

1- Consultation

New pet owners generally need some guidance on what is best for their new furry friend. A consultation with an expert, whether in-store or online is very helpful in this situation to make sure they are well equipped. Make sure your best sales associates are available by scheduling their time and let them help clients with any questions they might have. Having an expert offer advice will give your customers the trust and confidence needed to make the right purchase, and keep them loyal to your brand.

2- Special services

Booxi can be used to schedule anything you can imagine, and one clever pet store chain, Mondou, used appointment scheduling in an ingenious way.  They offered their clients the possibility to get their pets washed in-store.  This free service that must be reserved in advance was a huge success as it provides real value to the customers, drives qualified traffic to stores and leads to a lift in daily sales.  

3- Scheduled Click and Collect

Giving your customers the option to buy online and pick up in store is great, but it can be a logistical nightmare.  With Booxi, the pick up time can be scheduled based on your staff’s availability such that they have the time to pack the order and have it ready for when your customer arrives.

4- Scheduled Curbside pickup

Dog food can get heavy and some clients may prefer to simply drive up to your store and have it loaded into their trunk.  With Booxi, you can offer scheduled curbside pickup such that your sales associates have the order ready at the right time and offer this convenient service to your customers.

Want to learn more about Booxi and what it can do for your business? Request a demo today and one of our experts would be delighted to help.

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