Booxi partners with Retex Group for the Italian market

Retex, a leader in retail innovation in Italy, is partnering with Booxi to help local and international brands drive more traffic to their stores and deliver an amazing customer experience.

With a strong focus on enabling a hyperconnected shopping experience, Retex supports retailers in their growth in Italy and abroad, and combined with Booxi’s expertise in omnichannel customer journeys, the duo aims to create new experiences and drive up customer lifetime value.

Italy, a relatively new market for Booxi, is a great fit for the next step in their expansion considering the strength of their high-end and luxury segment. After working with several luxury brands in France such as Dior, Guerlain, Christian Louboutin, Le Bon Marché, Acqua di Parma, and more, Booxi has developed an expertise that will be strongly beneficial to their Italian counterparts.

‘’We are excited to work alongside Retex to help Italian brands reimagine what their customer journeys can be like and offer value at every point in the life cycle.  Given Retex’s incredibly strong position in the Italian retail market, we look forward to moving quickly with this collaboration and deploying innovative projects across the country.’’ - Elie Perez, Cofounder at Booxi.

Although many retailers have adopted some sort of solution to offer appointments to their customers over the past few years, the scheduling experience has remained sub-standard when compared to the experience customers have when scheduling with a restaurant or a hotel for example.  Booxi delivers a seamless front-end experience and has developed powerful integrations to help brands make appointment scheduling an important part of their business. In fact, when put in place, brands can increase their online conversation rates up to 90% and boost their basket size by 300%.

‘’Retex has always aimed to redefine the definition of retail. The key to creating value for the market and for customers is to collaborate closely with businesses who have similar principles and consider innovation as the only path forward’’ according to Fausto Caprini, CEO of Retex. ‘’We are pleased to work with Booxi, a platform that has already enabled more than 1500 retailers worldwide to reinvent the appointment-booking process, and which will now be able to do so in Italy due to the partnership with Retex.’’

If you would like to learn more about how Booxi and Retex can work with you to drive digital and retail growth, please reach out to one of the teams and they will be happy to assist.

About Booxi :

Booxi is a retail-tech company based in Montreal, Quebec, that has developed an online appointment scheduling software used by leading brands around the world. Founded in 2013, Booxi is used by companies such as LVMH, L'Oréal, Sephora and Decathlon to schedule their interactions with customers, from online consultations to events. Booxi integrates with the brand's website so that customers can book appointments in just a few clicks. With this tool, brands can maximize their customer lifetime value. To learn more, visit

About Retex:

A tech company which leads innovation in the retail environment enabling a hyperconnected shopping experience. As parent company we support retailers in their growth in Italy and abroad with our Group companies, aiming to satisfy end users’ needs and expectations, through a smooth and seamless use of appropriate technologies and exploiting digital transformation challenges and opportunities. Learn more at

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