Booxi for Cosmetics

In the age of social networks and influencers, the cosmetics industry is constantly growing to adapt to the market and product categories continue to multiply, offering more and more complex products. It is more important than ever to provide consumers with expertise by offering a personalized experience in-store or remotely.

Many cosmetics businesses are expanding the services they offer: consultations with an expert, workshops, VIP events, remote selling, and more. The cosmetics industry is the ideal sector for innovation!

However, managing and operating a service offering can be quite difficult to deploy at scale. That's where Booxi comes in; with its automation and simplified appointment management, it's now as easy as can be to manage your various services and optimize your operations. Offering a quality service will allow you to increase your in-store traffic, attract new customers and increase conversion rates.

Here are some concrete examples of how to use appointment scheduling for a cosmetics company.

Consultations and 1:1 appointments

The cosmetics industry is becoming more and more complex; products differ according to needs, prices, issues, ages, and even compositions. Consumers, therefore, need your experts' advice more than ever!


Offer your customers the opportunity to book an appointment in your store (or via video conference) for a session with one of your employees. Make sure your best staff is available by scheduling their time and let them prepare in advance. With Booxi, you will be able to set up a series of questions for your customers to answer at the booking stage. This will help your staff learn about each customer’s needs and preferences without wasting time when the consultation starts. Dedicate an entire appointment to answer all their questions about any product, advise them, help them make their choices, and most importantly give them the trust needed to move forward with the purchase.


Consultations booked in advance provide your customers with a personalized experience while increasing basket size by 2-7 times! Over 90% of appointments end in a purchase, so the sale is virtually guaranteed.

Service appointments

Facials, make-up before a special occasion, massage, spa treatment,... many are the services that a cosmetic store can offer to its customers.


If this is the case for your business, it is essential to set up these services by appointment to avoid wasting time as well as common mistakes (double appointments, reservation outside opening hours...). Booxi has a powerful back-office with everything you need to view your appointments and simplify the management of your workforce and the availability of your resources. Gather as much information about your customers as possible by using surveys so that your best employees can prepare in advance.


Provide a personalized customer experience to increase loyalty and attract qualified traffic. In addition, a service appointment very often ends up with additional purchases

Workshops and events

In the cosmetics industry, there are plenty of event opportunities: reward your best customers by inviting them to a VIP event, invite them to the launch of a brand new product or line, organize a beauty workshop with one of your consultants...


In-person or online, organizing group events is made easy with Booxi and its online registration system. Define the capacity, date, and time, and we'll take care of the rest!


Organizing an event is the best way to connect with your community! There are many ways to create and develop a lasting relationship with your customers through group event planning.

In addition, attending a workshop or event will encourage your customers to make a purchase and increase their basket size. For example, 74% of consumers say that attending events from a certain brand encourages them to purchase the products presented.

Scheduled Click & Collect

Today, more than 9% of online sales are made via Click & Collect.


With Booxi, the pick-up time can be scheduled according to your staff's availability so that they have enough time to pack the customer's order and prepare before they arrive.


Click & Collect is a versatile solution for bringing your customers into the store and increasing brand loyalty, this tool is perfect for optimizing operations and scheduling. Your customers who are used to buying online will be brought to the store in person.

Remote selling

As mentioned before, choosing among thousands of cosmetic products can be quite confusing for your customers. However, some of them prefer to be advised directly from home, rather than having to go to the store.


With remote selling, you can offer your customers the possibility to make an appointment to schedule a video call and help them make their choice among all your products. Give them professional advice on colors, materials, prices, availability, and make them feel privileged.

At the end of the call, you can send your customers a link to an online shopping cart containing the items presented during the live shopping and a promotional code. All your customer has to do is finalize their purchase.


We have seen up to a 10x lift in basket size when brands leverage remote selling.


Have you just finished a recruitment period and hired many employees at the same time?


With Booxi, you can organize a training session for all your new staff in one single step.

You will also be able to organize many internal events: introduce your employees to new methods, train your staff on a new product,...


No more organizational or logistical issues, Booxi is there to make your life easier.

Corporate events are an advantage for your business: 87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace is important.


Offer your customers a unique after-sales service experience by providing a product personalization by appointment.


By making an appointment in store directly after the purchase, or online via Booxi, the product personalization service will bring your customers back to your store again.

You can offer your customers, for example, the possibility to personalize a perfume with an engraved name, or to customize a packaging for a unique gift idea.


Personalization is a service that allows you to stand out. It's an opportunity to attract your customers back into your store and give them a chance to make additional purchases.

Want to learn more about Booxi and what it can do for your business? Request a demo today and one of our experts will be happy to help you.

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