How to Use Online Booking in the Golf Industry: booxi Appointment Booking for Golf Lessons and Practice Simulators

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booxi was designed with one very important purpose in mind: best customers and user experience by a user-friendly and highly efficient solution that is compatible with virtually every business type. Just like 70% of consumers, golf amateurs also want the option to book online, and receive an automated reminder; afterall, golf is all about the experience!

With booxi, it’s easy to set up online booking and give your customers the option to book simulations, practice bays, pro coaching sessions, rent clubs and cart amongst other options, if that’s something your business offers.

Why Use booxi

Once the golf season begins, it’s important that business owners are up and running quickly with every tool in place. Given the last year, most customers already expect to book an appointment prior to their visit. Why not offer them the opportunity to easily select their desired service from home without having to pick up the phone?

booxi is a SaaS cloud solution that requires no IT, no installation whatsoever, and is easy to use to manage your staff schedules, resource availability and services. You can also set up booking questionnaires per service, request online payments, and booxi takes care of sending booking confirmations and reminders, just to mention a few things.

An amazing feature that booxi offers is the ability to integrate easily with other software you might be using, like a POS system. For example, it easily integrates with Lightspeed so that the employee can easily retrieve a booking, and seamlessly create a POS invoice from it. Training staff on how to use booxi can take a few minutes, so the software can be put in place quickly.

Using booxi for Private Golf Lessons

Set up booxi for private lessons with an instructor, so customers can easily choose the date and time that is convenient for them. You can also add a questionnaire before your customers book a service, which provides you with information before they arrive for their appointment.

Group Classes

If you’d like to offer your customer group classes, you can easily set that up in booxi in a few steps. Whether it’s for a special occasion or you have limited staff available, offering a group session is a great way to bring several customers in at the same time and maximize work hours as efficiently as possible.  There is also the possibility to schedule remote classes in light of the current situation in order to prepare for the upcoming golf season.

Simulators and Practice Bays

If you provide golf lessons through a simulator, you can enter them as “staff” in booxi so customers can easily book a session when it’s available. Without the need to choose a staff member, the customer can arrive for their appointment with their confirmation and show it at the front desk. You can also add a calendar per bay, and let booxi manage the availability in real time using automatic dispatch.

Rental Equipment

It’s easier than ever for your customers to rent golf equipment using booxi’s rental management module. Whether it’s to rent golf carts, clubs, clothing or accessories, the process can be set up in just a few steps. You simply import your rental inventory in booxi, set up your services (duration and price) and decide whether you want to include online payment at booking or not. booxi provides various views to see your daily rental pickup and returns (including late items) as well as quickly find availability from your inventory.

Pro Shop Appointment

Offer your customers the opportunity to book an appointment with a golf professional to help get them started with the right equipment. This is a great way to help drive more traffic to your store, and help gain new customers by providing professional advice, and help them feel confident in their purchase decisions. Statistics show that offering personal shopper services to consumers increases their basket size with a multiple that can range from 3x to 6x.

Reception Halls

If your venue has a reception hall available, you can allow your customers to book it for a special event. They can see real-time availability for the date and time of their event, and reserve the reception hall for their guests.

Easy Implementation Process

The entire process takes virtually no time to set up, training is quick, and the customer experience is easy and pleasant. Implementation is usually done in only a few minutes. Training your managers can be completed by attending one of our webinars, and your floor staff can be trained with a 4 minutes training video.

Save Time and Avoid No Shows

Using booxi for all your booking needs will save time and increase productivity, as well as attract new customers and contribute to increasing your sales. In addition to its great online conversion benefits of the book now button, the automated reminders will ensure to reduce your no-shows getting closer to none.

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