What's the difference between Booxi and Bambuser?

The emergence of services such as one-to-one video shopping and live shopping sessions is leading retailers to test online channels as a way of exchanging personalized, interactive information with customers, in addition to the physical channel.

Booxi and Bambuser are two tools designed to support this new channel for live encounters with brands. They address distinct but complementary objectives.

On the one hand, Booxi is a highly customizable omnichannel appointment scheduling and management software dedicated to the Retail world, used to configure and manage all types of experience (one-to-one, one-to-many, events) and services in-store and online.

On the other hand, Bambuser is a live video streaming platform mainly used for live shopping events (group) and shoppable video calls (individual) to broadcast videos in real time, while facilitating interaction between broadcasters and their audience.

When should Bambuser be integrated with Booxi?

Bambuser and Booxi complement each other in the context of the online experiences described above.

Many brands and retailers use Booxi integrated with Bambuser to enable their customers to :

  • make an appointment with brand employees for a shoppable video call (individual consultations)
  • sign up for live shopping sessions.

Shoppable video calls (one-to-one)

When booking a video shopping session, the customer is directed to Booxi's digital appointment booking tunnel.

The customer selects the time slot of their choice, enters their personal details, specifies any requirements and confirms the appointment. They then receive a personalized confirmation including Bambuser's video-consultation link, to which they must connect for the appointment.

The brand is informed of the appointment and can prepare it in advance, even assigning it to another person if necessary.

Before the appointment date, the customer receives a reminder (SMS, email) generated by Booxi.

On the appointment day, the customer will enjoy an enhanced shopping experience, during which they will be able to purchase products in real time.

Live shopping (one-to-many)

For live shopping, the process is quite similar, except that the customer doesn't have to choose a time slot or change the date.

Unlike traditional live shopping, they will receive confirmation and a personalized reminder notification before the event.

Why integrate Bambuser with Booxi?

Create exceptional end-to-end customer experiences

Booxi's integration with Bambuser offers a powerful combination for creating exceptional end-to-end customer experiences: simplified appointment booking, personalized experiences and messages, a sublimated shopping experience (more engaging and human than traditional online shopping).

Maximize performance

The combination of these two solutions enables you to achieve better sales performance, which is not insignificant in the current context.

First of all, the collection of customer data (voluntarily given) at the booking or registration stage offers numerous opportunities: retargeting, personalization of the experience, better preparation of staff, product reservation possibilities...

Last but not least, automatic reminders features (SMS, email), the ability to easily modify an appointment, etc., considerably reduce no-shows...

→ All these benefits contribute to boosting conversion, increasing average basket size and developing brand attachment.

As an example, data from one of our customers reveals that Booxi + Bambuser virtual appointments generate a 43% conversion rate and an impressive 78% increase in average customer order value compared to standard e-commerce orders.

Optimize logistics and organization by centralizing multi-channel appointment management

Brands and retailers today offer personalized experiences and services across multiple channels to meet their customers' expectations. In this context, they need to be able to rely on a single, high-performance and highly configurable appointment management platform like Booxi to address all their needs.

In addition, the solution's integration capacity (CRM, Ecommerce, payment, collection, HR, etc.) is also an important factor in unifying data and making it easier to use.

Clarins: a brand at the cutting edge of technology and experience

As a leader in the luxury beauty industry, Clarins is the perfect example of a customer who is constantly trying to innovate and evolve in order to adapt to customer demand.

The brand offers a multitude of personalized services and events such as beauty consultations (online and in-store), spa treatments (paid services), masterclasses and live shopping sessions. By using Booxi to centralize the management of all their services, and Bambuser to sublimate their online experiences, the brand delivers quality customer experiences, maximizes performance and makes smart use of personalized video shopping calls. These scheduled consultations fill the "phygital" gap, a challenge that many retailers are striving to overcome.


The emergence of individual video shopping and live shopping sessions is leading retailers to test the online channel to organize personalized meetings with their customers as a complement to the physical channel.

Bambuser's live video platform enables real-time communication and interaction, creating a more engaging and human alternative to online shopping.

Le logiciel de prise de rendez-vous de Booxi maximise les performances des expériences en ligne réalisées sur Bambuser en capturant des données précieuses sur les clients permettant de créer des expériences personnalisées tout en offrant un socle de gestion de rendez-vous et d’événements multi-canal hautement configurable capable d’adresser tous les besoins du Retail.

By leveraging the functionality of both platforms, brands can deliver an exceptional customer experience, increase engagement, collect valuable data and generate more conversions.

From live shopping sessions to personalized video calls, Booxi's seamless integration with Bambuser enables brands to create personalized journeys, bridge the gap between online and offline experiences, and meet the changing demands of customers in the digital age.

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