Why integrate Booxi with Cegid?

In the dynamic world of business management, the seamless integration of Cegid with Booxi has unlocked a multitude of advantages for businesses. It simplifies the management of customer data, centralizes operations, reduces errors, and saves valuable time.

What is Cegid?

Cegid is a renowned name in the realm of business management software, it has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industries. Cegid's suite of software is designed to streamline various business processes, including accounting, finance, human resources, retail, and more. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cegid has consistently evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the global market.

Cegid leads the digital transformation for fashion, beauty, and specialty retailers worldwide. Their platform covers POS, mobile POS, inventory management, clienteling, CRM, and loyalty within a real-time centralized database, delivering a personalized retail experience and holistic insights.

What is Booxi?

​​Booxi is the appointment scheduling software of choice for retailers looking to provide exceptional customer experience, increase conversion rates, basket size and purchase frequency. Their platform enables the delivery of personal shopping, expert consultations, remote selling, live shopping, events and paid services.

Benefits of having Booxi’s Appointment Scheduling Software connected to Cegid’s POS

Once connected, it reduces client duplicates by linking Booxi clients with Cegid Y2 customers and it allows the creation of receipts on hold in Cegid Y2 from appointments in Booxi. For that, you simply link Cegid Y2 users and products with personnel and services in Booxi. The integration facilitates data reconciliation from online appointment bookings to in-store sales. The benefits are manifold: errors are significantly reduced, valuable time is saved, and a comprehensive and organized view of customer profiles is readily available.

Integrating Booxi's appointment scheduling platform with Cegid opens up a world of advantages for your business. This powerful fusion of two best-of-breed systems results in a seamless and efficient user experience revealing important data metrics.

Use case with Clarins

Clarins uses Booxi to manage live consultations and in-store appointments. The service offer is composed of free and paid services. Rather than having to call during business hours to book an appointment, clients can now book their treatments at their convenience through Clarins’s website. In addition, managing cancellations and reschedules is much easier, as everything is now done through the Booxi tool and updates are available in real-time.

By using Booxi integrated with Cegid Y2, Clarins can centralize and automate everything related to the retail part of their service offer. They benefit from considerable time savings and greatly reduce the risk of error. They can confirm the arrival of each customer and access a centralized history for each one, including their past appointments and the purchases they have made.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Cegid and Booxi represents a pivotal step in the evolution of business management and retail solutions. Businesses gain a competitive edge through streamlined operations, centralized data management, and enhanced customer experiences. As industries continue to evolve, such important integrations hold the key to success in an ever-changing landscape.

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