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Marie this is a reminder for your appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30 am.
Sent via SMS: 12:34 PM
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Marie this is a reminder for your appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30 am.
Sent via SMS: 12:34 PM
Tatiana , Homeopath and Reiki Master
I used to spend hours on the phone, not only to book appointments, but to manage the schedules of other therapists working with me. Thanks to booxi, I now save hours off the phone, the entire team has access to their schedule on their phone at any time, and clients love booxi.
Edwige , Osteopath
I tried several appointment booking solutions without ever being completely satisfied. In January 2015, I discovered booxi and I immediately adopted this application. I love booxi! It’s that simple. To try it is to adopt it!
Marie-Line , Osteopath
I have tried some appointment management solutions before starting to use booxi. booxi is by far the easiest to use, and offers the best user experience for my clients. I use booxi with my laptop and my iPhone, which allows me to access my schedule at any time.
Marie , Massage Therapist
With booxi.com I waste less time and energy in addition to maximizing my appointment booking. My booxi website is efficient, simple and easy to use for me and my customers thanks to confirmations and reminders. In addition, a client list with their phone number and email is created in a file to simplify the sending of promotions and the update of my services is simple. All of this is available at a low cost with support provided by the booxi team.
Elisabete , Massage Therapist
Finally an easy to use solution that saves me a lot of time. I use booxi for online appointments and to manage the availability of rooms for massage therapists. booxi works on computer and iPhone, which is very convenient for me. And everybody loves it.
Marie , Beautician
Thanks to booxi, our way of booking appointments has completely changed! Every beautician can check their schedules from home which simplify their daily life. Our clients are delighted to book their appointments online and receive reminder by sms. For our side, no more need to make confirmation calls over the phone! In the end: a lot of time saved for everyone.
Valérie , Pet shop Owner
We have the chance to enjoy a cloud-based appointment booking solution at a very affordable price. I am very satisfied, our customers are satisfied, our employees and especially our contractual are satisfied! Thanks booxi!!
Alexandre Therrien , Founder
The best thing about booxi is that we don’t have to do anything. We set the schedule and customers choose the available time that they want to come in so that our mechanics know that they have an appointment.
Janick Morin , Founder and Owner
Before booxi, appointments would conflict because it was difficult to manage the duration of an appointment as not all hairdressers need the same amount of time to complete the same service. Fortunately, we found booxi, a solution that was extremely well-adapted to our hairdressing services.
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