Understanding Remote Retail and how to start

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More than ever, customers are looking to purchase online. By opting to buy online rather than in store, they are able to avoid lineups, crowds, finding a parking spot and avoid traffic. Regardless of their reason to make their purchases online, it’s important to create a sense of trust in order to get them confident about their purchase so they purchase more and have a great customer experience, even from a distance.

Did you know?

85% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product just to get a better shopping experience. Whether that’s remotely done or offering services by appointment in store, applying a remote retail strategy will convert more customers and increase sales.

Offering a Personal Shopper service

Personal shopper appointments have been proven time and time again that a personalized experience will convert 90% of customers and increase the average basket 4-6x more. Providing this kind of service by phone or video has proven to be extremely effective, even from a distance.

There are several industries that would definitely benefit from providing this kind of personalized service.

A few industry examples include:

  • Beauty Advisor (average basket increased from 3x to 6x)
  • Fashion Stylist (average basket increased from 4x to 6x)
  • Interior Designer (visit reduced from 3 to 1.5 before making a purchase decision)
  • Bike or audio expert (average basket increased from 1.25 x 2x, but reduce number of visits)

For example, during lockdown, Clarins had to implement new strategies in order to continue to stay in touch with their customers. They offered remote services to offer personalized advice and product recommendations.

Remote Retail via Videoconference

When your goal is to increase your online sales, the same strategy applies. Customers can easily book a phone or video conference with an expert and the results remain the same. The expert helps build a sense of trust with the customer, and trusts that the product is the right purchase to fulfill their needs.

Scheduling a video conference with a customer is no longer a luxury, it should now be considered the new normal. Making this a priority in your retail strategy will inevitably lead to a high sales conversion and a loyal customer base.

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