Enhance your live shopping performance with Booxi and Bambuser

Booxi and Bambuser are two different software platforms that serve different purposes. Booxi is an online appointment scheduling software, while Bambuser is a live video streaming platform for commerce. Integrating Booxi with Bambuser can provide several benefits for brands looking to offer their clients the best experience possible through live shopping events.

1. What is Bambuser?

Bambuser is a live video streaming platform, enabling real-time communication and interaction between users. Bambuser is used by many brands in various sectors mostly for live shopping events (one-to-many) but also for shoppable video calls (one-to-one).

With Bambuser, businesses can easily launch their own live video shopping channels, which allows consumers to shop for products in real-time while watching a live stream. The platform also provides analytics and data insights for businesses to track their performance and engagement.

2. The benefits of live shopping

Live shopping is a retail experience where a host broadcasts a live video stream to multiple viewers at once (one-to-many), showcasing and demonstrating products in real-time while facilitating interactive engagement and sales - it is a much more human alternative to online shopping. Viewers can interact with the hosts and ask questions while product references appear live on their screens and can be directly added to their shopping cart.

Live shopping offers many benefits but it's particularly effective due to the more detailed view it allows of items. As such, it's no surprise why this service has become so popular - it conveys the perfect balance between professionalism and passion.

Live shopping is a proven strategy that increases conversion and basket size.

3. Why integrate Bambuser with Booxi?

Used by the most famous brands around the world, ​​Booxi is the appointment scheduling software of choice for businesses looking to provide exceptional customer experience. Many brands and retailers around the world use Booxi, integrated with Bambuser, to allow their customers to book appointments and sign up for live shopping sessions (one-to-many) and shoppable video calls (one-to-one consultations).

4. Booxi x Bambuser for live shopping (one-to-many)

Live shopping by appointment has some significant advantages for brands. Not only does it streamline organization and logistics, but it also increases audience engagement.

Firstly, by offering RSVP options to your live videos, you can create a VIP atmosphere, making customers feel special and valued. Additionally, this RSVP feature enables you to capture valuable first-party customer data and seize the opportunity to add them in your marketing database with their consent. As a result, you can establish a stronger customer base. Furthermore, when viewers RSVP to an event, they receive calendar invitations and multiple reminders through email and SMS, significantly increasing participation and attendance rates. Lastly, during the live event, you can leverage this engagement to push your viewers into booking a one-to-one consultation in order to offer them a personalized conversation with your experts, ensuring that any lingering questions or concerns are promptly addressed.

By combining Booxi and Bambuser, you can create an enhanced live shopping experience with improved customer interactions and conversions.

5. Booxi x Bambuser for shoppable video calls (one-to-one)

When utilizing Booxi in conjunction with Bambuser for one-to-one shoppable video calls, you can enjoy numerous advantages.

Firstly, you can recreate the same personalized experience customers would have in-store, evoking a sense of familiarity and comfort online.

Secondly, instead of disappointing visitors with a lack of instant live availability, you can elevate their experience by offering appointments. This ensures that dedicated experts are always ready to engage in real-time conversations, providing a superior and tailored experience to clients. Moreover, by enabling customers to book appointments, you initiate a valuable pre-call communication opportunity, allowing you to understand their specific needs and preferences (through surveys and questionnaires). As a result, these customers who invest their time in booking demonstrate high levels of engagement and qualification, leading to more meaningful interactions and increased conversion rates.

Bambuser's shoppable video calls offer a distinct advantage over regular virtual consultations. The key difference lies in the ability for viewers to make purchases directly from the video interface itself. As the host presents products during the call, viewers can simply click on the items that catch their interest and proceed to make real-time purchases. What's more, Bambuser's advanced technology enhances the experience by seamlessly integrating features such as cutting-edge cobrowsing, personalized product selections, and virtual try-on. By combining the interactive nature of a video call with the convenience of online shopping, this service provides a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers.

With Booxi and Bambuser, you can seamlessly merge personalized service with online convenience, ultimately delivering exceptional one-to-one shoppable video calls

Clarins is a perfect example of a brand who uses one-to-one video calls in a very smart way. As one of the leaders in the luxury beauty industry, they understand the challenges of the market and are constantly trying to innovate and evolve in order to adapt to customer demand.

Clarins & Me, launched during the pandemic, is primarily a marketing strategy aimed at attracting new customers and serving existing ones better. As physical store visits became impractical, Clarins utilized this program to provide expert guidance through a new digital channel. The virtual appointments are conducted professionally, with specially hired Beauty Consultants situated in a virtual boutique resembling a Clarins store. To ensure personalized experiences and effective preparation, appointments were available, either made through the website or by email. These consultations not only enhance the customer experience but also drive product purchases, with personalized messages including discussed product lists and promo codes sent to customers. Ultimately, these scheduled consultations address the "phygital" gap, a challenge many retailers are striving to overcome.

6. The personalized journeys that can be achieved

There are many personalized journeys that can be designed using Booxi and Bambuser at every stage of the customer lifecycle. But the most popular one is the “acquisition journey” with live shopping.

Bambuser makes it incredibly easy to provide your clients with a live shopping experience. And with Booxi, you can send an email to invite your clients to the event and book an appointment if they want to attend. Your customers will then receive an automatic reminder before the event takes place which helps reduce no-shows.

After the live shopping session, you can send a follow-up email to customers who did not make a purchase during the event. This email can include a personalized invitation for a one-to-one consultation with a sales associate. Appointment-based consultations are a great way to get in-depth expertise on any product. Whether the consultation takes place virtually or in person, it allows Clients to access personalized information and gain certain knowledge on the product or services, always with that human touch, giving them the motivation they need to finally make a purchase.

7. Results

The integration of these two solutions is a game-changer for customer engagement and sales, effectively bridging the gap between physical retail and online shopping experiences. By providing streaming technology, hosting apps, back-office support, data, and web applications, these solutions make it easy to go live. With this setup, you can focus on creating high-quality video content and optimizing the customer experience. Live shopping, when done well, can lead to a higher conversion rate, which can be a significant boost for any business. It also helps build brand loyalty by creating a bond with your community.

The data from one of our clients reveals that Booxi + Bambuser's virtual appointments yield a 43% conversion rate and an impressive 78% increase in client average order value (AOV) compared to standard e-commerce orders.

As previously said, live shopping by appointment enhances the efficiency of organization and logistics but also amplifies audience engagement to a great extent. Using Booxi with Bambuser for your live shopping events provides an additional benefit of capturing zero-party data from your customers. By asking questions during the appointment booking process, you can gather valuable information that can be used to personalize their experience later on, such as customized email content, exclusive promotions, or tailored website navigation. Therefore, you can also easily identify your audience and see who assists your events, and track their behavior and preferences. This provides valuable insights into your audience's preferences and interests.

To put it plainly, with Booxi and Bambuser integrated, brands can provide a seamless and unique experience for customers.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, integrating Booxi with Bambuser offers brands a powerful combination to elevate their live shopping events and shoppable video calls. Bambuser's live video streaming platform enables real-time communication and interaction, creating a more engaging and human alternative to online shopping. Booxi's appointment scheduling software enhances organization and logistics, while also capturing valuable customer data for personalized experiences. By leveraging the features of both platforms, brands can provide exceptional customer experiences, increase engagement, capture valuable data, and drive conversions. Whether it's through one-to-many live shopping sessions or personalized video calls, the seamless integration of Booxi and Bambuser enables brands to create personalized journeys, bridge the gap between online and offline experiences, and meet the evolving demands of customers in the digital age.

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